Online Services: How To Adapt To The Times

Surely you and your work team have changed something in their routine: from the much-mentioned remote work to the thousand virtual meetings per day. Also going through countless chat groups and shared online documents. And it’s very good!

With this phenomenon at the global level there are also changes in the modes of consumption . And just as we gave you some tips to turn your in-person event into an online one , we will show you services that are adapting, encouraging virtual interaction more than ever.

At the request of your users, that communication does not disappear

First of all, we want to reinforce the importance of communication in these times. When a brand or business thinks about an Email Marketing strategy , its horizon is to maintain the link with its Subscribers or customers. That is the most important.

The brands that make the difference are those that communicate consistently and frequently , while others remain silent.

These days, you shouldn’t neglect your connections . That is why you must create useful Emails to face the times of the coronavirus . Offer your community relevant and valuable content .

What do your customers and users want in the face of COVID-19

Something you should know about your users and clients: they will want to see their routines as less affected as possible. They want solutions.

If we have noticed something in the whole phenomenon of conversion to the online world, it is that people continue to consume, they continue to interact, they continue to search for what they need . But from their homes.

Do you have repeat customers? They are no doubt wondering if you continue to provide your services. They will want to know what will happen to your company in these days to come.

And many of the examples that we will see below, were born by request or requirement of the users themselves. These are solutions that brands find to remain present in the lives of their customers .

That is why the question that we will help you answer is … how to continue offering a service in times of the coronavirus.

# StayAtHome

Although the coronavirus at this point is a global problem, each country and society reacts according to the measures taken by its authorities. We know. Some have mandatory quarantine, others have recommendations for social isolation. In most countries of the world, face-to-face events and mass meetings have been suspended.

Automobile traffic has decreased.

Studies have been canceled, and colleges and universities closed.

If you have browsed through Social Networks you have surely found many Instagram Live . Not? We have done it ourselves, it seemed like a safe way to come into direct contact and clear up doubts about remote work with our community. And it was a success!

The reality is that we are moving to a purely online life . Do you adapt to it? In the following lines we will show you some industries or businesses that have turned their activities to the online world.