The Use Of Video In Online Marketing On The Rise

Online marketing occupies, to date, a large part of the budgets and strategies of many companies. Social networks and content creation fill the actions that entrepreneurs opt for, but these actions are adapted according to the needs of the clients themselves.

More and more users are benefiting from the creation of company content and, therefore, every day new companies decide to bet on creating quality content to attract visitors. This leaves us with a panorama in which, on many occasions, there is an excess of information, so we must look for new formats that attract attention. One of these formats is online video.

The rise of online video

Online video has been gaining prominence for a long time, as Internet users are increasingly consuming this format. Here we give you specific information.

The viewing time has been growing gradually, in such a way that this 2015 a growth of 23.3% is expected compared to last year. These data will be reinforced in 2016, since the expected increase in that year is estimated at 19.8%, according to data from Zenith.

This spectacular growth is driven by the penetration of smartphones . To such an extent that, according to studies carried out in this regard, video viewing will be the majority on mobile phones in 2016, a statement that, according to the growth data for mobile video viewings, 43.9% in 2015 and 34.8% in 2016, is more than proven. This high growth in mobile viewings will also be accompanied by a growth in video viewing on PC; yes, growth in this case will be more moderate: specifically, 9.5% in 2015 and 6.5% in 2016.

All this data directly affects television commercials , since, according to Zenith data also, television is seen less and less in the world due to the variety of online content available on the Internet.

The role of video within a marketing strategy

This growth in online video has a strong and direct impact on marketing campaigns.

On the one hand, online video is a good way to transmit quality content . Thanks to online videos, you are able to attract more audiences and communicate your content in an attractive way. In addition, showing your content through video is a plus point to differentiate yourself from the competition.

On the other hand, we find the least positive aspect of the videos: their cost . While publishing a written post is relatively affordable, making a video can skyrocket budgets. This is so much the case that it is expected that throughout 2015 and 2016 the marketing budgets will be increased in order to be able to accommodate the production of online videos, and this will represent an eighth of the total digital investment budget.

If we analyze the data at a global level, the allocated budget already amounts to more than 16.1 trillion US dollars, which companies are investing in generating content in video format, a figure that will continue to increase in the coming years.